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About Us

General Info

Here at Cafféluxe, we’ve been passionately producing incredible tasting coffee since 2009 – but that’s only part of our story. Because we control the entire journey, through our state of the art production process – we can promise you an outstanding cup of coffee every time. Most retailers just buy from different manufacturers, so we are very unique.

A company founded on great tasting coffee and great value

In 2009, our founder had a dream of creating a company which delivered fabulous tasting coffee in a cost-effective Nespresso® compatible capsule. His engineering expertise allowed him to turn this dream into a reality, with the production of our first capsule packing machine in 2009 and Cafféluxe was born! Since then, we’ve introduced Dolce Gusto® compatible capsules to our offering as well as expanding to multiple production centres across the world, but the original vision remains unchanged – bringing you the very finest capsules imaginable, at the best possible price.

Investing in innovative technology

Since the very beginning, we’ve been at the forefront of coffee capsule technology. Our state of the art facilities means we can grind our beans to perfectly suit your favourite blend – it’s a guarantee of a sensational tasting coffee in every cup. We were also one of the first manufacturer to introduce a nitrogen sealing process, so you won’t find fresher tasting coffee and all our products are checked by hand to ensure they are perfect, ready for delivery to you.

We now produce our coffee capsules right here in the UK too!

We are proud to say that since 2017 we are now a fully-fledged British based manufacturer. Our production facility in Haydock employs dedicated and highly qualified staff and is capable of producing over 1 million capsules per week. It also means we can deliver you a cup of coffee that is fresher than ever before!

Constantly innovating to bring you exciting new products

As you can probably tell, we love our coffee – but now there’s a lot more for you to enjoy! We now have Galaxy & Maltesers Dolce Gusto compatible pods available so you can try these delicious tasting and luxurious hot drinks from a machine in your own home. And we haven’t forgotten the kids – our range of Podstars milk drinks are a great no added sugar alternative to milkshakes.


Recycling pods


At Cafféluxe, we don’t think great tasting coffee should have to cost the earth. That’s why we are investing in pioneering technology, renewable resources and low-energy consumption production to minimise our environmental impact as much as possible.

Recycling our capsules is as easy as 1,2,3 Our capsules are made from the same type of recyclable plastic as most yoghurt pots – so if your home recycling will take yoghurt pots, our capsules can also be recycled. So, to dispose of your used capsules simply:

  1. Remove the lid from your capsule.
  2. Tip out the contents. These can either go into your food recycling or straight into your garden composter (did you know coffee makes a fantastic natural fertiliser for the garden).
  3. Put the empty capsule into your plastic recycling

Why Us

From our network of highly experienced farmers and growers to our amazingly talented blend masters to our state of the art UK production facility, we’ve pushed every part of the journey of your coffee to deliver amazing freshness and flavour. So why not join the many thousands of satisfied customers who now enjoy their coffee the Cafféluxe way?

State of the art technology = incredible taste + great value

We admit it – we’re obsessed with creating you the perfect drinking experience from our capsules! That’s why we’ve invested heavily in the latest technology to produce an unbeatable quality coffee and seal in all that taste and freshness for you to discover. As an added bonus, this technology allows us to eliminate waste and be incredibly efficient, which is why our coffee is such great value.

We love the environment as much as we love coffee

Looking after the planet has always been fundamental to our vision at Cafféluxe. That’s why we constantly strive to reduce our environmental impact with low emissions technology and pioneering recyclable packaging. We are now aiming to be the first producer to bring you home compostable capsules – just another way we can help to protect our environment for future generations.

There’s a lot more to us than just coffee…

… a whole lot more in fact! we now have Galaxy® & Maltesers® Dolce Gusto® compatible pods available so you can try these delicious tasting and luxurious hot drinks from a machine in your own home. And for kids (of all ages) we created our range of Podstars milk drinks in 4 delicious flavours. They can be enjoyed hot or cold, are a great source of calcium and protein and are a great no-added sugar alternative to milkshakes.